Reviews are anything but Grimm

Quell horror! Chic allors! Toot suite! Aaah the mellifluous French language sends women into raptures and men running for the wine and cheese. But for me it brings back memories of a certain French mistress at boarding school where I learnt more than was on the official curriculum. C’est beau le petite fille etc etc.

And the reason for all this misty eyed nostalgia? I now regret having spent too much of my French lessons studying Madmoiselle DeBeuvoir and too little time paying attention to what she was trying to teach us because I am unable to understand the reviews I would so much like to read in order to find out what the foreign critics are saying about my albums! That said, I was surprised how much I did manage to decipher from a lengthy review of ‘Grimm’ that has just been published on the Belgian website Music In Belgium.

It seems that for the second time in my career I have received the most positive response for being myself. The first time I threw caution to the wind and indulged my passion for whimsy was in 87 when I recorded ‘A Cabinet of Curiosities’ which was so favourably received that it took me by surprise and encouraged me to delve further into my Edwardian fantasy world with ‘Happy Families’ based on the lives and activities of several real life eccentrics.

Now it seems my instincts to record an acoustic album based on the dark fairy stories of the Brothers Grimm has appealed to a section of the listening public who are hungry for music that will stimulate their imagination and that is very heartening indeed. I have never cared about the size of my audience, only that I find fellow travellers who are willing to accompany me into the uncharted regions of the human psyche. And it seems that by doing what comes naturally I have also found an appreciative audience among the spacerock fraternity if the second review in recent days is anything to go by.  This one, though, is in English and written by the author of a fine Hawkwind biography and contributor to ‘Record Collector’ so do please visit his blog and read the reviews.

Bon chance mon amis!

About RealPaulRoland

PAUL ROLAND is a prolific recording artist, producer and author of more than 30 books. He has been spinning his musical tales against a backdrop of gothic rock, psych pop and, occasionally, baroque strings. He has been called 'Edgar Allen Poe of psych pop' and the 'Godfather of Steampunk'.

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  1. Good review, I agree with it (sometimes, it’s nice to be French… sometimes… ).

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