Enough processed baby food music!

THOSE of you who have heard ‘Strychnine’, my mini album of cover versions from 1992, might be interested to know that recently a slew of very tasty psychobilly compilations have been issued – including a couple compiled by (the late) Lux and Ivy of The Cramps. (All thanks to the 50 year copyright rule which means that record companies no longer have to pay royalties on recordings from the 1950s).

As well as the original version of ‘Strychnine’ by the Sonics you can find such hidden schlock classics as ‘The Crusher’, ‘The Mummy’, the breathlessly demented ‘She Said’ by Hasil Adkins and ‘She’s My Witch’ all of which should have been included in one of those ‘1000 records you should hear before you die’ books but weren’t. Shame on them.

My original source for some of these unholy offerings is also still available http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rockabilly-Psychosis-Disease-Various-Artists/dp/B0000004E1/ref=pd_sim_m_h__31 but the desirable and highly collectible ‘Born Bad’ compilations which my German friends and I used to devour with black coffee and ‘funny tobacco’ are now hard to find and commanding crazy prices. So if you like drive-in dementia, B-movie madness and pulp schlock horror in a rockabilly setting then check these out.

The first (‘The Cramps Jukebox’) is a 2 CD set which includes a 75 minute radio interview with Lux and Ivy in which they raved about the records that had influenced them http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cramps-Jukebox/dp/B003QTBSTE/ref=tag_dpp_lp_edpp_ttl_in

And the second is just chock full of trashy goo goo muck goodness. You have been warned!



plus this related item for those who can’t get enough hoodoo http://www.amazon.co.uk/Voodoo-Blues-Within-Various-Artists/dp/B003RAKMNU/ref=pd_sim_m_h__5

Don’t you wish they’d playlist these on national radio instead of all that processed baby food music?



About RealPaulRoland

PAUL ROLAND is a prolific recording artist, producer and author of more than 30 books. He has been spinning his musical tales against a backdrop of gothic rock, psych pop and, occasionally, baroque strings. He has been called 'Edgar Allen Poe of psych pop' and the 'Godfather of Steampunk'.

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