More Bolan goodness from Cosmic Dancer research…

Did you know that Gloria has written a book but it is yet to be published?

A fan we know claims to have seen extracts in which she talks about the evening she and Marc were staying in a high-rise apartment in the US just after Marc had signed to Casablanca, so this would be 1974. At one point they became aware of two small lights on the window. Marc swore that he saw a demon sitting on the outside window sill looking in (shades of ‘Nightmare At 20,000 Feet’ from ‘The Twilight Zone’, don’t you think?). He returned to England a short while later claiming the demon was the reason for his return. What is interesting—and not a little disquieting—is that Gloria claimed that Marc saw the demon again at the house in Richmond only days before his death. He told her that he had also seen the image of a lady in the garden which he described to the builders who were working there at the time. They weren’t surprised to hear of the spectral sighting as the description fitted that of the lady who had previously lived there. She had committed suicide.  (Thanks to ‘G’ for this story).

Here are another couple of titbits of information I came across during my research but left out of the book.

Bowie’s first manager, Kenneth Pitt, remembers meeting Marc when the latter was living in a basement flat Manchester Street with his publicist Mike Pruskin. Marc called on Pitt and gave him a copy of ‘The Wizard’ and the Decca press release which Pitt pinned to his office noticeboard. Pitt was not aware of Marc & Bowie’s friendship until Bowie called into the office and pointing to the noticeboard in surprise exclaimed “oh Marc Bolan”. Kenneth then became aware of the friendship which he later referred to in his autobiography “The Pitt Report”.

Gloria told a fan who supplied some of the images in ‘Cosmic Dancer’ that while she was on tour with Bob Marley in 1976 she brought Marc to the soundcheck. She left him while she went to the dressing room backstage and when she came out she couldn’t find him. She then heard someone playing a guitar. When she walked into the main concert hall Marley was sitting on the stage playing acoustically & Marc was seated in the front row watching. No one else was in the venue at the time. Gloria described it as a “magical moment”. Oh, to have been there with a tape recorder and camera!

This story has appeared in print before and so I left it out of the book, but it is worth retelling to show how considerate Marc could be and how much he appreciated his fans. Fan Dave Rooney met Marc on the 9th September. There had been a tragic accident involving a member of David’s family. When the press visited David they became aware he was a big fan of Marc and they contacted the office in New Bond Street to see if Marc could send him something. Marc agreed to spend the day with David. During the day Marc signed a collection of albums sent from EMI and gave them to David. Marc took a shine to one of the badges David was wearing “Bolan is God” which had been issued by the fan club soDavid gave the badge to Marc who pinned it on himself. At the end of the day Marc & his driver took David to the station before going to complete the photo shoot for what would become the cover of  the “Solid Gold” compilation LP.

The following week Marc was dead. In 1968 Marc had given an interview in which he said ” If I started to believe I was a splinter of God’s head, I’d be zapped and mown down by lightning and what good would that be? I’d never get into the charts then.”


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PAUL ROLAND is a prolific recording artist, producer and author of more than 30 books. He has been spinning his musical tales against a backdrop of gothic rock, psych pop and, occasionally, baroque strings. He has been called 'Edgar Allen Poe of psych pop' and the 'Godfather of Steampunk'.

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