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Reviews are anything but Grimm

Quell horror! Chic allors! Toot suite! Aaah the mellifluous French language sends women into raptures and men running for the wine and cheese. But for me it brings back memories of a certain French mistress at boarding school where I learnt more than was on the official curriculum. C’est beau le petite fille etc etc.

And the reason for all this misty eyed nostalgia? I now regret having spent too much of my French lessons studying Madmoiselle DeBeuvoir and too little time paying attention to what she was trying to teach us because I am unable to understand the reviews I would so much like to read in order to find out what the foreign critics are saying about my albums! That said, I was surprised how much I did manage to decipher from a lengthy review of ‘Grimm’ that has just been published on the Belgian website Music In Belgium. Read the rest of this entry