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Masque is back!

GOOD news my little gargoyles. After much delay the ‘Masque’ re-issue is finally here!

And it’s a significant improvement to the original release in every way with many subtle additions, a couple of previously unreleased bonus tracks and a tastefully designed 12 page booklet with all the lyrics and explanatory notes from yours truly describing all the retouches that I made to 11 of the 14 tracks.

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Back from the (almost) dead

Dear Friends

Thank you to all those who wished me a speedy recovery from my recent mysterious illness. We made light of it here, but to be truthful it was pretty serious and put me out of action for over a month. I’m determined to make up for lost time and am already planning two new album projects for release early in the New Year.

It was an exotic bug with a long unpronounceable name and I was subjected to all sorts of experiments with mind altering substances before they finally allowed me out, so let’s just hope it doesn’t end like ‘Cocoon’ with me mutating into a human cactus.

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Save the Poe House and Museum!

AS SOMEONE who has been inspired by Edgar Allan Poe to write both horror fiction and a number of songs (Edgar Allen Poe, from my In Memoriam double album, for instance) over the years I was horrified to hear that the city of Baltimore are planning to close the house where he was born and wrote many of his masterworks.

Philistines! It says much about a society (and its bureaucrats) when they put more value on sponsoring sporting events and refurbishing their own administration buildings than on the cultural icon who brings tourists to their city year after year. Read the rest of this entry

Reviews are anything but Grimm

Quell horror! Chic allors! Toot suite! Aaah the mellifluous French language sends women into raptures and men running for the wine and cheese. But for me it brings back memories of a certain French mistress at boarding school where I learnt more than was on the official curriculum. C’est beau le petite fille etc etc.

And the reason for all this misty eyed nostalgia? I now regret having spent too much of my French lessons studying Madmoiselle DeBeuvoir and too little time paying attention to what she was trying to teach us because I am unable to understand the reviews I would so much like to read in order to find out what the foreign critics are saying about my albums! That said, I was surprised how much I did manage to decipher from a lengthy review of ‘Grimm’ that has just been published on the Belgian website Music In Belgium. Read the rest of this entry

A Virtual Gentleman’s Club


Let me make a confession. I am not a natural blogger – that is I don’t have a cause to campaign for and I don’t have a totalitarian or authoritarian state to undermine (the current British government seems capable of doing that without my help!). So being an artist and author I thought  that this space might serve as more of a virtual Gentleman’s Club where I can share my enthusiasm for books, music and movies that may have passed you by for one reason or another and, in turn, you might care to post your recommendations for me and other visitors to this site to consider and comment upon. It’s something I can’t do in the context of the PRAS newsletter which is really only to inform members of upcoming album releases and projects that I am working on.

So sit back in your armchair with something  stimulating to drink and perhaps a cigar and we’ll begin…. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome – here’s some exciting news!

WELCOME to the Paul Roland blog site, and to my very first blog which is the bearer of some extremely exciting news.

From deep within Roland Towers there has been an ever growing rumbling of creativity as I and my dedicated team of toiling trolls have worked long into the night to bring forth, for your delight and delectation, a brand new album!

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