The complete Paul Roland discography (1979–2013) is extensive and comprises 88 releases and appearances on 38 Various Artists compilations until today.

  • Oscar Automobile  (shared double A-side 7” single – 1979)
  • The Werewolf Of London  (as Midnight Rags LP – 1980)
  • Blades Of Battenburg  (12″ – 1983)
  • Burnt Orchids  (LP – 1985)
  • Death Or Glory  (12″ – 1986)
  • House Of Dark Shadows  (compilation CD/LP/MC – 1986)
  • Gabrielle  (12″ – 1987)
  • Danse Macabre  (CD/LP – 1987)
  • A Cabinet Of Curiosities  (CD/LP – 1987)
  • Alice’s House  (12″ – 1987)
  • Confessions Of An Opium Eater  (‘Best Of’ LP – 1987)
  • Happy Families  (CD/LP – 1988)
  • Duel  (CD/LP – 1989)
  • Acoustic Radio Sessions 1986-88  (LP – 1989)
  • Live In Italy  (CD/LP – 1990)
  • Masque  (CD/LP – 1990)
  • Roaring Boys  (CD/LP – 1991)
  • Strychnine  (CD – 1992)
  • Sarabande  (CD – 1994)
  • Live In Germany  (CD – 1995)
  • Waxworks  (‘Best Of’ 2CD – 1995)
  • Gargoyles  (CD – 1997)
  • Duel  (reissued CD – 2002)
  • Gaslight Tales  (‘Best Of’ CD – 2003)
  • Pavane  (CD/LP – 2004)
  • Strychnine…And Other Potent Poisons  (reissued CD/LP – 2005)
  • Re-Animator  (CD/LP – 2007)
  • The Werewolf Of London  (reissued on CD – 2007)
  • Danse Macabre & Burnt Orchids  (reissued on CD – 2008)
  • Nevermore  (CD – 2008)
  • A Cabinet Of Curiosities & Happy Families  (reissued on CD – 2009)
  • Demos  (CD – 2009)
  • Duel – 20th Anniversary Reissue  (CD – 2010)
  • In Memoriam 1980–2010  (2CD released to mark Roland’s 30-year recording career)
  • Grimm  (CD – 2011)
  • Bates Motel  (CD – 2013)
  1. I adore your music,i’ve got all your cd.Will you do ,before or after,a concept about Edgar Allan Poe tales? . Enigmatic female figures like Ligeia,Berenice and Morella are perfect for your music.All your discography is fabulous!.Merry Christmas!.Excuse me for my unperfect english.

    • Hi, Christian, many thanks for your kind comment and apologies for my late reply. Yes, I am planning an album inspired by ‘Fall of the House of Usher’, but that takes major work, so the next one is likely to be inspired by the short stories of M.R. James. Hope that will satisfy your craving. bw, Paul

  2. I listened you album Bates Motel in Spotify and I really liked it. My favorite tracks are Kali, the title track Bates Motel, and Promised Land. Thanks!

  3. I’ve been listening to your records since a belgian friend told me to listen to his “Danse Macabre” LP when I was around 18. I went out immediately afterward and bought all your LPs (And then CDs) I could find. (which proved to be quite difficult at times).
    Thank you a lot for creating the music that was a big part of my life’s OST’s.

    (on a side note, any chance for any guitar tabs? 🙂

    • Hi, Sammy, many thanks for your enthusiasm and kind words 🙂 Let us know which songs you’ll like and we’ll try and make the tabs available via Paul’s facebook page (NB, we added Flying Ace a few weeks ago) – click the logo at the top of this page ^ Best wishes, your PRAS (on behalf of Paul)

  4. Hi Paul,congratulation for “Hexen”,superlative mix of dark prog,acid psych and hard rock…The best song ,it seems to me “The wicker man”…Is this song inspired by the homonimous film of Robin Hardy(one of the best horror film ever)?.I’m waiting for your concept albums about M.R.James and E.A.Poe,sure that will be two masterpieces.
    Greetings from Sicily(Italy).

  5. Ah,i forgot to say that the most important influence in “Hexen” it is folk…but folk in the same vein and complexity of the Comus band,”Hexen”is a disc beautiful as the two incredible records(“First Utterance” and the recent “Out of the coma”) of this band born in the 70’s.
    More than a soundtrack for “Haxan”of Christensen,”Hexen”reminds me movies like “Witchfinder general”of Reeves,or early 70’s horror classics(the quoted up “The Wicker man”,but also”The blood on Satan’s claw”of Piers Haggard),or late Hammer movies(“Twins of evil” of John Hough).The nearness with “Haxan”is stronger in the second disc of “Demos”that was more instrumental.
    Anyway”Hexen”will be a classic of the 2010’s.

    • Many thanks for your positive comments and enthusiasm. You are quite right in identifying the cinematic influences in ‘Hexen’, which are Michael Reeves’ ‘Witchfinder General’, ‘Blood On Satan’s Claw’, and especially ‘The Wicker Man’. The 1922 film was really the initial inspiration for the chants and instrumental ‘scenes’ but these late 60s/early 70s British films and the music of Comus and A Forest (a most neglected acoustic duo) led me into the dark woods in search of Pan.

      Warmest regards

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